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If You Produce What you Fear Why do you Intentionally Think About Your Fears in EFT?

If You Produce What you Fear
 Why do you Intentionally Think About Your Fears in EFT?

This is a question I get asked frequently.  It seems counter intuitive but it is a key difference between traditional psychology and the EFT method.  It is true that you tend to produce what you fear.  If you think about avoiding the water on the go left.  If you think about avoiding the out of bounds on the tend to go right.  It is as if there is a little computer in your brain that makes your body twist and contort to execute the exact shot you are trying to avoid.  One obvious solution is to think about where you want the ball to go rather than not go!That is definitely a better choice but still not foolproof because there is always a tiny voice in the back of your head whispering your fear. A Golf psychologist will try to get you to  understand your fears and choose different responses to them.

For example if there is water lining the left side of the fairway and you were deathly afraid of pulling your drive into the water a golf psychologist might get you to think about visualizing your shot going to the right. He might also get you think about the consequences and realize that if you hit into the water it isn't life or death.

With the EFT method however we work with emotions. Therefore we are not trying to trick the fear, out maneuver it, choose different responses, or re-frame it. It is easier than that. We are going to tune into the fear see how it makes us feel and then tap on a series of acupuncture points to rid ourselves of the fear and the discomfort it creates.  We will then automatically look at the situation differently without having to try so hard.

So in FFT you would tune into your fear and tap while repeating  phrases about the fear and how it makes you feel.  For example.
Set-up Phrase. While tapping on the karate chop point on either hand I would start with;
Even though I'm afraid of pulling the ball left into the water I accept myself.
Even though I'm scared of getting a penalty shot because of one bad swing I accept myself” 
Even though my arms feel weak and my legs go numb thinking about this shot I accept myself” 
Shortcut phrases that focus on the problem. Tap on each of the following points while repeating the phrase next to it.
Eyebrow “I'm afraid of pulling the ball left”
Side of eye
 “All I can think about is that water
Under eye
 “I hit the ball in the water last time I played this hole”
 “My arms are week 
 “My legs are numb
 “I can't afford another penalty shot “
under arm
 “My arms are weak “
Top of head
 “My legs are numb” 

These are phrases I made up but they are similar to what I'd feel. The key is to use your own words and your own feelings. You might “get angry at yourself” or “feel stupid” or “want to give the game up” or “blame it on that worthless lesson you took the other day”. The power in EFT is using your feelings and words and not reciting some made up tapping script.

As  you tap on the different fears and emotions that crop up  for you the emotional charge that these fears create starts to diminish.  It is a good idea to measure the intensity of a fear before starting so you can check in after your done and measure your success.

Steve Botuchis

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